Friday, July 23, 2010

2 Samuel 16-18

The Facts (Chapter number: Verse)

16:21-22 - Abithophel (a man who gives counsel) told Absalom to go into his father's concubines, the ones David left to look after his house. All of Israel will hear how Absalom has made himself odious to his father, and the hands of all who serve Absalom will be strengthened. So a tent was pitched for Absalom on the roof and Absalom went into his father's concubines in the sight of Israel.

17:3 - Ahithophel tells Absalom that he can bring all the people back to him as a bride comes home to her husband.
17:17 - Jonathan and Ahimaaz were waiting at En-rogel where a servant girl used to go tell them information to tell king David, for the men could not risk being seen in the city.
17:19-20 - (Jonathan and Ahimaaz hide at a man's house in a well). The man's wife took a covering and spread it over the well's mouth and spread grain on top, and nothing was known of it. When Absalom's men came to the woman at the house they asked where Jonathan and Ahimaaz. The women told the men that they had crossed the brook of water, and when the men searched and couldn't find them they returned to Jerusalem.
17:25 - Amasa, married to Abigal daughter of Nahash, sister of Zeruiah, Joab's mother, led the army in the place of Joab.

2 Samuel 18 - No mention of any women.

My Comments

Just gonna say I have no idea what the hell is up with the counsel guy telling Absalom to rape his father's concubines (because I cannot imagine there was much consent during all that). And Absalom thinks this is a good idea? The best part is after Absalom follows the concubine raping advice, the counsel guy advices to let him take 12,000 men to pursue king David and kill him and bring the people back to him. And Absalom is told that that is not good advice because David and his men are strong warriors. So Absalom doesn't follow the guy's advice and the counsel guy hangs himself in shame.

So raping your dad's concubines to get back at him = good advice.

Sending an army after your dad to kill him in revenge = bad advice.

Just to clarify that.

Which I find odd since Absalom was the only person who was upset when his sister Tamar was raped. And yet, he is fine raping 10 other women simply because they are the property of his father. What the hell? When this shit happens it really is fairly obvious that men get angry about rape only when it happens to "their" women. Rape is never a crime based solely on principle. It's only a crime when it happens to your own property. And it is certainly okay when you are using it to get back at another man. It is apparently encouraged when it is used as a method of revenge. People will even set up a tent for you so the whole tribe can see you getting your revenge on.

Classy. -_-

And another woman savior. Who isn't even thanked for putting herself in danger to save two men being hunted down. I wonder if any of these women will ever really be thanked.

Monday: 2 Samuel 19-21

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