Monday, May 2, 2011

Update on Hiatus

We are officially moved into our new place. And now that it's been a few days, my stress levels have gone down significantly. Though I have to say my hair did not make it through unscathed, since I had clippers taken to it yesterday and now I have a totally bithin' and stress reducing mohawk. At least my mode of stress reduction is punk rock. So other than getting the people to come out and repair some broken stuff in the house and hopefully getting something worked out in the yard for the dogs, pretty much all the big stuff is handled and done with. So just to let everyone know I'm still alive and haven't exploded from anxiety. :)

The blog will still be on hiatus until the 11th because that is when our internet is supposed to be hooked up. So if all goes well expect a new blog post up that Friday. Until then. :P

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