Monday, May 24, 2010

Leviticus 26-27 & Numbers 1-2

The Facts (Chapter number: Verse)

26:26 - God's punishments for not obeying him: "When I break your staff of bread, ten women will bake your bread in one oven and they shall dole out the bread by weight, and though you eat you will not be satisfied."
26:29 - "You shall eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters."

27:3-7 - Votive offerings: a person between 20 and 60 is fifty shekels of silver for a male and thirty shekels for a female; from 5 to 20 years it is twenty shekels for a male and ten shekels for a female; 1 month to 5 years it is five shekels for a male and three shekels for a female. 60 years or over it is fifteen shekels for a male and ten shekels for a female.

Numbers 1 - No mention of any women.

Numbers 2 - No mention of any women.

My Comments

Thank you, Bible, we get it. Women. Are worth less. Than men. Can we move on now?

There is nothing more riveting when it comes to story telling than a census. Which, of course, I say with the greatest sarcasm. And that entire chapter that just listed in horrid detail exactly what God would do to his people if they dared to not worship him the exact way he told them to was amazing. Making parents cannibalize their own children was really a nice touch. The modern masters of horror couldn't have done better, I think. A loving God, indeed.

Tomorrow: Number 3-6

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