Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ezekiel 24-28

The Facts (Chapter number: Verse)

24:7-9 - "For the blood she shed is inside it; she placed it on a bare rock; she did not pour it out on the ground, to cover it with earth. To rouse my wrath, to take vengeance, I have placed the blood she shed on a bare rock, so that it may not be covered. Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Woe to the bloody city! I will even make the pile great."
24:18 - "So I spoke to the people in the morning, and at evening my wife died. And on the next morning I did as I was commanded."
24:21 "Say to the house of Israel, Thus says the Lord GOD: I will profane my sanctuary, the pride of your power, the delight of your eyes, and your heart's desire; and your sons and your daughters whom you left behind shall fall by the sword."
24:25-26 - "And you, mortal, on the day when I take from them their stronghold, their joy and glory, the delight of their eyes and their heart's affection, and also their sons and their daughters, on that day, one who has escaped will come to you to report to you the news."

Ezekiel 25 - No mention of any women.

26:5-6 - "[Tyre] shall become, in the midst of the sea, a place for spreading nets. I have spoken, says the Lord GOD. It shall become plunder for the nations, and its daughter-towns in the country shall be killed by the sword. Then they shall know that I am the LORD."
26:8 "Your daughter-towns in the country he shall put to the sword. He shall set up a siege wall against you, cast up a ramp against you, and raise a roof of shields against you."

Ezekiel 27 - No mention of any women.

Ezekiel 28 - No mention of any women.

My Comments

Am I the only one who is pretty sure that 24:7-9 is describing menstrual blood and not just any old blood? That's kind of the automatic thought that pops in my head whenever the Bible discusses the bleeding of a woman and doesn't specifically describe a wound or attack. Especially when the bleeding of men is never discussed in this manner, where the blood is unclean and shameful. God REALLY hates menstruation doesn't he? You'd think if it was just so disgusting he would have designed us differently. But then how would he convince others of out inferiority and uncleanliness if he didn't design us this way? Or properly punish us for that whole tree of knowledge thing? I dunno, but either way we get another reminder that female blood is just a horrible thing and shameful for others to see.

Also have to love the seeming randomness of 24:18. God's basically telling everybody that people are gonna die and you shouldn't give a shit about it because, really, there are far more important things at hand than people dying. So we get this small bit about how well this man follows these rules. The guy's wife dies and he just carries on. His wife's demise is nothing more than a side note in this whole affair. And really, are we supposed to be IMPRESSED with his callousness towards his wife? When we've had Lot just leave his wife as a pillar of salt without even a single tear being shed or the Levite who let his concubine be gang raped to death and then cut her into 12 parts to send to the tribes of Israel. Yeah, I have a hard time believing that many of these lead men in the Bible give two shits about their wives so I'm not all that "impressed" by this act of bravery in the face of the death of a wife.

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