Friday, June 10, 2011

Jeremiah 48-49

The Facts (Chapter number: Verse)

48:2 - "In Heshborn they planned evil against her: 'Come, let us cut her off from being a nation!' You also, O Madmen, shall be brought to silence; the sword shall pursue you."
48:4 - "'Moab is destroyed!' her little ones cried out."
48:9 - "Set aside salt for Moab, for she will surely fall; her towns shall become a desolation, with no inhabitant in them."
48:18-19 - "Come down from glory, and sit on the parched ground, enthroned daughter Dibon! For the destroyer of Moab has come up against you; he has destroyed your strongholds. Stand by the road and watch, you inhabitant of Aroer! Ask the man fleeing and the woman escaping; say, 'What has happened?'"
48:41 - "The hearts of the warriors of Moab, on that day, shall be like the heart of a woman in labor."

49:3-4 - "Wail, O Heshborn, for Ai is laid waste! Cry out, O daughters of Rabbah! Put on sackcloth, lament, and slash yourselves with whips! For Milcom shall go into exile, with his priests and his attendants. Why do you boast in your strength? Your strength is ebbing, O faithless daughters. You trusted in your treasures, saying, 'Who will attack me?'"
49:11 - "Leave your orphans , I will keep them alive; and let your windows trust in me."
49:13-14 - "For by myself I have sworn, says the Lord, that Bozrah shall become an object of horror and ridicule, a waste, and an object of cursing; and all her towns shall be perpetual wastes. I have heard tidings from the Lord, and a messenger has been sent among the nations: ;Gather yourselves together and come against her, and rise up for battle!'"
49:24-26 - "Damascus has become feeble, she turned to flee, and panic seized her; anguish and sorrows have taken hold her, as of a woman in labor. How the famous city is forsaken, the joyful town! Therefore her young men shall fall in her squares, and all her soldiers shall be destroyed in that day, says the Lord of hosts."

My Comments

Edit: Sorry this post didn't come with any comments. We had a vacation in Dallas for A-Kon (anime convention) and I got sidetracked by packing and costumes and craziness. We just got into town so I will see what I can write up tomorrow when I get some down time. :) Although if anyone wants to add their own analysis before then they are more than free to. :P

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