Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Life is not going my way right now. I was feeling better for a while last week and then I did another day of coughing and now I'm back to feeling crappy. Looking for places to live isn't going very well either and thus I've been very stressed lately. The stress has actually been worst the last few days so I have a sneaking suspicion that the stress may be making whatever was wrong with me worse. So basically I've been surviving work and then going home to lay unmoving in bed for the past few days, which makes blogging difficult.

But it feels weird letting the blog sit around like this, so I figured I might as well post an interesting lecture I was listening to earlier today. You may have heard of Gail Dines, she's a pretty big player in the anti-pornography movement. I love her lectures, and I stumbled onto her website where she has an hour long lecture posted. It's a great watch if you have the time. A brief warning, it is explicit about pornography practices and the slides do contain uncensored images of porn, which are shown briefly as they come up (the video is pretty blurry so it's not like a huge crystal clear image).

Here, also, is a Q&A that she did at a bookstore. If you watch it on Youtube be aware that the comments, as to be expected, are pretty vulgar and anger inducing.

Also, if anyone wants to do more reading on the topic, Robert Jensen's book "Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity" is a great read and also any works by Jackson Katz. If you can get your hands on Katz's documentaries on masculinity I highly recommend you watch them. Unfortunately they are the hardest documentaries to get a hold of unless you can find a copy at a library or a college or you feel like dropping $300 to buy a copy.

Here is also a playlist of a documentary called Dreamworlds 3 which looks at pornographic images and sexism in the music industry. Kind of goes along with the topic, where it shows a lot of the effects of pornography on women and how they are treated.

I know it's not horribly on topic, but I think it is important to look at how prolific pornography is in our modern culture and how it affects women and the sexism we face. I hope everyone at least finds it interesting, too. And hopefully things will settle soon (fingers crossed) and I can get back to regular postings. :)

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